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Our inverters are used in dosers field: the inverter is installed on the doser pump and this permits the choice of several working modality. The most used inverter for this type of application is the display version inverter: thanks to a full customized software, through the display you can view many informations as pump capacity, the measurement unit in use, the rounds of the motor, the potential occurred errors and many others parameters.


The flexibility of our inverter and its implemented software permit to set many parameters in order to adapt to the type of product to be dosed and to the needs of the customer and of the application. Through the display is possibile to set the wide range of parameters of the inverter as, for example, the total capacity, the number of pulse/hour, the pulse counter, the measurement unit. The possibility of configuration are several, as also the working modalities which they can be customized on request.


The fields of applications are countless: food industry, papaer, chemical and colours, pharmaceutical, texiles and fertigation.