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3,00kW single-phase

Electrical properties


PowerUntil 3,00kW
Power supply
Single-phase 230V
Output frequencyFrom 0 to 160Hz
Type of operationV/F SVM ("Space Vector Modulation")
Operating limitsFrom 155V to 264V - frequency from 42Hz to 60Hz
Type of regulation
Nominal motor power
From 2,20kW to 3,00kW
Nominal motor currentUntil 13 A
Overload cabability guaranteed in continuous duty150%
Absorbed current AC side19,5 A (RMS)


Mechanical properties


IP protection degree
Until IP65
Cooling methods
Self-cooling, forced ventilation
Connection faceplates
IEC-80, IEC-90, IEC-100, IEC-112
Operating ambient
Ambient temperature:
from 0°C to 40°C while operating (without downgrading)
from -25°C to 75°C switched off (limit: 90°C for 24h max)
Ambient humidity: not significant if correctly assembled on the motor
Ambient altitude: max 1000 m above sea level
-3% each °C beyond 40°C and until 60°C max
-5% beyond 1000 m every 1000 m more a.s.l.


General properties


Available versionsBase, with 4 keys keyboard, with potentiometer, with display
Analog inputs
1 programmable 0-10V, 2-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Digital opto isolated inputs6, of which 2 High speed inputs
Encoder inputs
Available (if the 2 digital speed inputs are used as speed inputs they can't be used as Encoder inputs)
Available outputs4 relay outputs with max 5 A
CommunicationRS485 interface with Modbus protocol
ProtectionsCurrent limitation, overcurrent, overvoltage, over-torque, overtemperature
PID control
Yes (proportional, integrative e derivative)
DC brake
With current injection
Available accessories
WiFi, ALS-1 terminal programmation
Laws2014/30/CE, EN 61800-2:1998-04, EN 61800-3:2004-12, EN 61800-5-1:2007-0, EN 61800-5-2:2007-1


Programmable features


Configuration Start/Stop and speed reference

With digital inputs
ALS-1 programmation terminal


SpeedMin and Max
RampsOf linear acceleration and of linear deceleration
MultispeedUntil 4 single-configurable speeds with related acceleration and deceleration ramps
Stop modality
With ramp or by inertia
Security start
Enable or disable the automatic restart at start-up
Cos φ protection
Programmable value and time of over-torque protection
Modulation frequency
4 programmable frequencies for modulation
Current limit
Current limit of overcurrent protection
DC brake
Voltage programmable value both in voltage and time for the intervention of DC brake
Sliding control
Enable or disable of sliding
Max voltage frequencyPossibility to shift the frequency in which you reach the nominal motor voltage
BoostProgrammable to guarantee until 25% more voltage when the motor starts
Motor's constant voltage
Possibility to supply a constant voltage to the motor regardless of the input value of power supply

Overall dimensions

SIZESD mmLC mmLL mmLH mmLT vBase mm *LT vKeyboard/vDisp mm *LT vPot mm *

* the LT vBase includes the PG9 cable gland size (image on top), the LT vKeyboard/vDisp includes the PG9 plug and the LT vPot includes the potentiometer size.