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We design and make a power inverters range that they are installed on machines for welds cleaning, both TIG and MIG welds, and for marking different kind of metals as INOX steel, titanium, aluminium, copper...). For those machines we also design and make the related control panels.



 Thanks to their inverter technology, the machines can control the flow of current: this ensures optimal working conditions, on any type of surface, and avoids irreparable damage to the stainless steel.

Ensuring efficiency and effectiveness, the machines can both pickle and passivate. Pickling means removing ferric oxide - the typical blue or bronze-brown colour - thus protecting the steel's shiny look and avoiding corrosion.Passivation is the restoration of the chromium oxide layer that protects the stainless steel from corrosion.


Inverter technology implemented in the machines for welds cleaning also permits the electrochemical marking, both black and white, on stainless steel.

Electrochemical marking is ideal for large-scale industrial production because it is cheaper than laser and silk-screen marking. But cost savings are not the only advantage. Unlike silk-screening, electrochemical marking is permanent, and unlike laser marking, it does not damage the stainless steel surface, but rather increases its corrosion resistance.

In particular, there is a specific machine focused on marking: for this machine we designed and realized the touch control panel and the relative software that manages all the marking processes. This product permits the marking of different types of metals: stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome steel, carbon steel, aluminium, brass, chrome plastic, copper and titanium.

Moreover, it is possible to mark some surfaces not only in traditional black but also in white by means of erosion.