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We offer a range of control board for misting system pumps of different sizes and types.

The control boards permit to manage different functions, the main one is the possibility to control the amount of misting by programming a timer and setting the duration of ON and OFF sparying cycles. This allows to save a great amount of water without loosing evaporative cooling performance.




Air conditioning of large industrial warehouses, including those which need to operat with oper doors and windows, was until now impossible with conventional systems. Misting systems becomes ideal for cooling large areas as industrial sheds, garages, workshops or to dissipate high heat emissions from industrial processes. Cooling effect can also be combined with humidity control to increase productivity in specific industries as paper, wood, textiles.


Misting provides heat stress relief for all categories of poultry: stress-free broilers continue to eat and grow. Hens produce highter quality and more eggs. In the hog world, misting increases the farrowing sow's appetite which improves milk production and it brings benefits in breeding cycles and reproductive cycle. The same is for cattle and for horses. In addition, the misting provides some benefits as dust suppression and odor control.


Misting sistems play an important role in the greenhouse climatic control because they permit to keep the right temperature and humidity in the environment also under conditions of forced or natural ventilation.

The benefits are huge: increasing general productivity of the greenhouse; speeds up plants growth; keeping of constant humidity levels; the correct micro-climate in any season; low water consumpion for the irrigation; less shading needed; suitable for chemical spreading as fertilizers or insecticides.



Misting systems are usually used also in wine cellars to control the humidity and temperature levels: the right level of humidity permits to keep efficient the barrels for longer, preserving the quality of the wood and preventing the natural evaporation of the product.

Misting systems are also used in grocery department stores, butchery shop, fish marktes, refrigerators and cold rooms, growth and seasoning rooms. The right level of humidity blocks the dehydration, decreases the weight loss of the product, assures a longer freshness, facilitates the process of ripeness of some kind of fruit and controls the spread of odours.