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The honey extractor is a mechanical device used in extraction of honey from honeycombs thanks to centrifugal force.

There are different types of honey extractors to adapt to any type of need of the beekeeper. At the moment, we have implemented our inverter technology and a control panel on the radial honey extractor for the honey extraction of 36 and 54 honeycombs at the same time. We are also working on design and realization of a more simple control panel for smaller honey extractors.

The professional radial honey extractors are equipped with an electric motor that drives the extractor.

Our inverter was mounted on the motor and the pilotage is managed by the control panel. The control panel was fully designed and made specifically for the application.



The control panel permits to set from 6 possible working methods: manual, automatic, reverse 1 for smooth honey, reverse 2 for thick honey, frames drying and a customizable working method (user cycle).

The working methods as automatic, reverse 1, reverse 2 and frames drying are preset programs.

The user, in the manual working method, has the full control of the extractor and he can always interact with speed and lenght.

Finally, the "user cycle" program permits to create a custom program of maximum 6 phases of work, in which you can set the speed, the sense of rotation and the total time of the cycle will be split for each phase of work set.